Ideas for bedroom lighting

The right lighting in your bedroom is key to a beautifully decorated space and one of the most important elements in creating the right mood and the best functional use in a bedroom. Follow our inspirational guide to choosing the best bedroom lighting to suit your style.

Here are 10 bedroom lighting ideas that explore the job of bedroom lighting a little more broadly and show how to get your bedroom lighting design just right.

1.Bedside Table Lamp: Every bedroom needs a bedside light of some kind. Most often, that light is a table lamp, although floor lamps, wall sconces, and pendant lights are other options. Your bedside lamp needs to be practical, but that doesn’t mean it can’t add a powerful punch of décor to your bedroom.

2.Pendant Lights: Pendant lights are most often seen in the kitchen, but if you want to mix things up, they can boost your bedroom style. Hanging pendant lights on either side of the bed frees up precious space on bedside tables.

3.Sconces:They are great for freeing up space in your room, while at the same time adding a touch of elegance to your bedroom

4.Wall lights: Wall lamps cast a warm glow over a large area and double as wall art, complementing the decor you have already.

5.Floor lamp: Tall lamps can make a room look squatter, especially if the ceiling is not very high to start with.

6.Ceiling with recessed lights: One trendy bedroom lighting design involves recessed lighting. Recessed lighting is a lighting fixture that is installed into a hollow opening in a ceiling. One advantage of installing recessed lighting is that it can be used in floors or ceilings to create a beam of light as opposed to an overall glow from a light fixture such as a ceiling fan.

7.Chandelier: While some people think that chandeliers fall under the category of pendant lighting, these lights are different enough to enjoy their own category. They are incredibly ornate and can make the bedroom feel even more high-end.

8.Fairy lights: Fairy lights or string lights always give a refreshing look to your bedroom and the house.

9.Ceiling Fans: Nothing beats a ceiling fan on a warm summer night. The refreshing breeze is often enough to leave off the air conditioning. Not every ceiling fan has an attached light kit, but you’ll usually want one in the bedroom.

10. Industrial style lighting: Adding an industrial touch to bedroom décor is as easy as hanging vintage-style pendant lights over the bedside.

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