Most elegant styles of curtains

Panel Pair Curtain

Lend a layered look to any layout in your home with this pair of curtain panels.The grommet top adds a modern touch and provides energy-efficient comfort. It’s designed to stop sunlight in its tracks and let you enjoy some extra snoozing.

Single Panel Curtain

The single curtain panel dedicated to the balcony door. It allows you to protect your privacy and also provide the needed shade when you are watching TV. It looks better than the standard net curtain.

Valance Curtain A valance is a decorative drape or small curtain placed at the top of a window. The valance for home adds a cosy, traditional appeal. Combined with large windows, they provide charm and warmth, known from the cottage houses.

Types of valance curtains

  • Rod Pocket
  • Swag
  • Roll-Up
  • Scalloped
  • Scarf
  • Balloon

Pleated Panels Curtain

Pleated Panels are a classic style of drapery and so never really go out of fashion, although their popularity rises and falls with current trends. They look quite formal, so work best with formal or traditional decorating styles. Pleats give drapery panels structure and shape. Without pleating, drapery panels can look limp and lifeless; pleating gives your drapes a presence.

Types of Pleated curtains

  • Box Pleated
  • Pencil Pleated
  • Pinch Pleated

Tab-Top Panels Curtain

Aside from being the ideal type of curtain for many interior settings, tab top curtains are amongst the most economical curtains you can buy. Tab top curtains require far less fabric than other Curtains styles.


Liner Curtain

Liners are another optional add-on, and they’re used to provide an additional level of versatility to your curtains. Many people opt to add a liner with sheer curtains, so they have more options when it comes to privacy, and light allowance.

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